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How to Digitise your Enterprise one Process at a time

Every company has a unique process flow behind the way they perform tasks. The larger the company, the more complex each process flow will be. Tried and tested, and improved over years, these processes are perfectly tailored to a specific company, its customers, suppliers and industry. The ugly truth is, however,  that if these processes aren’t digitised and automated to the maximum extent, a company will be less efficient and more open to errors.


How to optimise your processes

Last week our community partner MWare shared their vision and thought on: how to digitise your enterprise. 

MWare was established in 2009 by Mich Martins and Charl Ferreira, who have over 20 years of experience in the implementation of ERP Solutions, business process integration, custom solution design, and finance/auditing.

How to optimize enterprise process
MWare team

Together, Mich and Charl have built a team of specialists for every sector, able to add value to our products by leveraging a wide range of skills, competencies, and infrastructure.


Why MWare

Everything we do at MWare is about giving small-to-medium-sized businesses and channel partners the competitive edge. This is why Business Focus magazine applauded us for having the:

“leading best-of-breed product approach when designing and implementing integrated business automation solutions for a competitive global economy”

MWare collaborates with resellers all over the world, in countries like Canada, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and our neighbouring countries. Current focus areas include Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.


MWare Solution Stack

MWare Assist provides Resource Management tools for all company resources: people, assets, accounting/ERP, educational and learning platforms, and IT. Having integrated our tools and our partner tools to automate key business processes, we offer plug-ins that assist organisations with managing their resources.


Why is this important?

Resource management is the process of effectively, optimally, and efficiently planning, scheduling, and allocating a company’s resources. But resources are wide-ranging, spanning people and machinery; whatever you need to complete or task. With MWare Assist, our win-win is when your business becomes more efficient, organised, secure, successful, and profitable. That is why we created the MWare Solution Stack, which gives you automated business solutions made up of best-of-breed products. We do not rip and replace; we invite you to go-as-you-grow. Because we understand your needs, we build our solutions based on how you will use them and what is needed to enhance your business.


How we work

We offer something different, give our products a support structure, and instil a(ware)ness around the solutions we use. For everyone at MWare, it is not just about the product but about making the product useful from an operational point of view. Our clients and partners know us for providing:

• Personalised client care
• A seamless business partner experience
• Cost-effective, complete and world-class solutions
• Responsiveness to new opportunities and integration possibilities
• A network of top industry experts, consultants, software developers and accountants
• Compliance with GAAP, IFRS and Sarbanes–Oxley
• Software solutions built on global standard technology frameworks: Microsoft.NET, Microsoft Transact-SQL, JAVA, C# and jQuery

To find out more about the solution, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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