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4 Alternative Growth Tactics that will get you traffic ✌

Growing your SaaS company is fun

( best joke ever )

It’s hard work! Lot of competition in certain markets.

You need to grow, because that’s whats everybody is talking about right 😉

So what you can do is

Pour money in Ads -> Google & Facebook.

That use to work great for SaaS companies like SalesForce & Hubspot back in the days, so why shouldn’t you try this?

I just checked out CPC (cost per clicks) for some interesting keywords:

HR software -> $30,09

CRM -> $11,84

Marketing automation software -> $23,64

Bit to expensive per click… When you are bootstrapping your SaaS company these are unrealistic costs so what should you do?

Here are 4 alternative ways to get traffic and customers to your website:

1- Sponsorships

Let’s say you sell and tool or software to support online marketing with a great dashboard.

First step:

Check out:

Second step:

Search for example for an ” online marketing ” podcast.

You will get around 10,000 podcasts about online marketing.

Third step:

At Listennotes you get direct e-mail addresses and websites. Find the perfect podcasts and reach out to the owners to ask them for a paid sponsorship.

2- Referral marketing

This one applies only to SaaS companies who have build up a customer base of users already.

Ask you userbase to referral your software to friends, family, neighbours or business partners. The ideal situation is that your users are so happy with your tool that they will start doing marketing for you.

There are pleanty of affordable referral marketing tools out there.

3- Events

Visit or sponsor an event where potential customers are.

Or organize a free breakfast event for potential clients & prospects. Find a venue where you can organize a breakfast session where you share amazing content or findings about a topic that is relevant to potential clients.

I had some great results with event. In this post I boil down everything thats needed for a great event.

4- Social media automation

Check out Duxsoup & Phantombuster. They let you build amazing campagnes on Linkedin & other social media platforms to reach your ideal customers.

Try out what works well for you. Don’t be afraid to try out new things and see how it goes. Want to grow you SaaS companies with sales? Click here to learn more about that topic.

Let me know your thoughts! 💪

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