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5 hr tools for your saas company

5 HR Tools for your SaaS Company

One of the most obvious advantages of any SaaS-tool is that “everything is in the cloud”. You don’t need to invest in a huge server park, nor do you need a fancy office building to make things work. Even as an entrepreneur who developed the new SaaS that is going to turn the world upside …

waylay product

Waylay launches Waylay IO, the first Low-Code developer-friendly Data Automation and Orchestration Platform

Waylay IO holds the promise of coding at a fast rate, with minimal setup effort and guaranteeing quick deployment.   What is Waylay IO? Waylay IO is a low-code development platform that reduces the complexity of the application development process. Its automation technology uses small snippets of code, reusable across different use cases, and orchestrated …

Free Alternatives to expensive 3D-Modelling Software

Anyone who works in construction, industrial design or has any other type of job where creativity is a prerequisite has probably experienced it: the struggle of getting your client “get” your idea. Luckily 3D modelling software enables us to create a model of our designs, blueprints or vision. Contrary to 2D sketches, a 3D model …

6 Free Alternatives for PowerPoint that give your Presentations a Boost

6 Free alternatives for PowerPoint to give your presentation a boost The words “presentation” and “PowerPoint” have become almost interchangeable. Microsoft PowerPoint is almost omnipresent. In education and board room alike, PowerPoint presentations are by far the most popular way to get a message across. PowerPoint is a tool we like because we know how …

10 free html editor

10 best Free HTML Editor Resources

Back in the good ole-days, the only way to build a website was by coding it, line by line. We’ve come a long way since that. Now, everybody can build a website, regardless of coding skills. However, not all websites are created equally. Using a CMS with a free template is fine if you are …


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