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Sales Prospecting [Plan Template Included]

Revenue starts with sales prospecting. That’s why you need a plan, and get started. Have you ever noticed how we speak of marketing and sales as if it were one single entity? Of course, the two live in symbiosis. They both aim to get people to subscribe to your SaaS and one cannot do without …


How to hire the ideal Sales Representative

Hiring the ideal sales rep is key for a start-up’s success. You want to build the best sales force to represent your company and drive growth as if it was their own business. Great sales people are always in high demand and attracting them to work for you can be a challenge.   Failing at this …


From €10M to €20M ARR in 12 months: 10 growth lessons

Feb 24, 2020 | Product Updates 12-MINUTE-READ · By Edward Ford In February 2019, Supermetrics passed €10M in ARR (≈$11M). It was a pretty big milestone for us and signified our transition from startup to scaleup. Now, exactly one year later in February 2020, Supermetrics just passed €20M in ARR (≈$22M). So how did we …


10 Killer Sales Tools To Use For Your SaaS Business

Toolmaniacs – you will love this post 😉 10 killer sales tools to use for your SaaS company, especially number 10 is insane useful 1- CRM -> Pipedrive / Salesforce The hart of your sales proces. It’s love hate between sales people and CRM’s. Update all the info is something that is needed but not …


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