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SaaS Business Models

Choosing the right Business Model will shape your SaaS-startup and define your future. We list the options, helping you choose carefully!

SaaS Marketing Strategies – you can’t do without them

Start-up or unicorn, small enterprise or multi-million revenue generator, proper marketing strategies are needed for every single SaaS company. If you have a solid client base, you could probably survive for a while without marketing. However, new SaaS suppliers will appear every day and will try to snatch away your clients. This means that even …

state of marketing at saas companies

The State of Marketing at SaaS Companies

Marketing survey SaaS Companies Recently, we conducted a survey among the members of our SaaScommunity network. They shared their opinions and experiences when it comes to the marketing of SaaS companies. And that gave us some really interesting results!  In short, these are the most striking results from the survey: Lead generation is the most …

Pitch Decks that made an Impact – Best Practices

Not too long ago, we posted an article containing some tips and tricks to keep in mind when writing a Pitch Deck. We explained what a Pitch Deck is, why you would need one and which items must be included. In this article, we return to the topic of Pitch Decks. But this time we …

how to write a saas pitchdeck

How to write a Pitch Deck

If you are looking to pursuade investors to fund you SaaS-startup, you will need a Pitch Deck. What is a Pitch Deck? What info should be in it? And how do you write a winning Pitch Deck? There are many ways to fund your SaaS Startup-company. We wrote an article about 7 ways to get …

digital SaaS event

Virtual or hybrid event in 2021? We’re keeping score!

As a proud SaaS community member, we at Digitevent  wrote this blog about Digital events for SaaS companies. With 87% of event cancellations in March and April according to, COVID-19 has of course not spared the event industry. Confinement and social distancing as well as health instructions have a lot to do with it. A quick …

Everyday Examples of SaaS Companies

SaaS companies have been getting a lot of attention lately. There is no mistaking that 2020 saw the birth of a great number of SaaS-companies. We’ve written about quite a few. Yet, these startups are no more than a fraction of the number of new entrepreneurial initiatives born in 2020. Start-up SaaS companies are interesting …

SaaS companies host the cloud

What exactly are SaaS-companies?

SaaS is the One Big Thing in business and IT these days. So much so, that an entire website can be dedicated to the topic. We at are living proof of that. But what exactly is SaaS? And why is SaaS so great? What is SaaS? You might be surprised to hear that SaaS …


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