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state of marketing at saas companies

The State of Marketing at SaaS Companies

Marketing survey SaaS Companies Recently, we conducted a survey among the members of our SaaScommunity network. They shared their opinions and experiences when it comes to the marketing of SaaS companies. And that gave us some really interesting results!  In short, these are the most striking results from the survey: Lead generation is the most …

How to build a SaaS in 2021

How to start a SaaS Business in 2021?

How to start a SaaS business in 2021 (and get your first customers through the door) Building a SaaS business can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s not easy. Even if you have a great idea and a fantastic product, it’s getting harder to stand out, get noticed, and find those first customers. The good news …

How to optimize enterprise process

How to Digitise your Enterprise one Process at a time

Every company has a unique process flow behind the way they perform tasks. The larger the company, the more complex each process flow will be. Tried and tested, and improved over years, these processes are perfectly tailored to a specific company, its customers, suppliers and industry. The ugly truth is, however,  that if these processes …

7 ways to get funding for your SaaS-startup

7 ways to get Funding for your SaaS-Startup

What they say is true: money doesn’t grow on trees. But if you have a great idea for a SaaS-solution, there will always be ways to get your SaaS-startup funded. In this article, we will discuss the 7 ways to fund your business. Bootstrap When you bootstrap your business, you use your own money to …


The One thing that gets Every Single Entrepreneur in Trouble

The one thing that gets every single entrepreneur in trouble: “Not knowing how to go about your marketing strategy”   Dear entrepreneurs, a digital marketing strategy entails more than posting on social media. And much, much more than running some ads on Facebook. How you choose to address your marketing efforts will influence the trajectory …

4 Strategies to Align your Marketing and Sales Team

4 Strategies to Align your Marketing and Sales Team

 Traditionally Sales & Marketing are two different departments within the company. ‍ SaaS marketing is responsible for lead generation, content, PR, social etc. etc. ‍ Sales is responsible for new business & upsell opportunities within current accounts. ‍ Different kind of people, different kind of responsibilities. ‍ So lets make different teams. ‍ Sounds logic …


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