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We believe in connecting

SaaS companies are everywhere. We believe in connecting to create a strong community where you can learn, explore and help eachother. Our platform supports this mission.

What we write about

Running a SaaS company is hard. You face challenges, setbacks, victory and so much more. We want to offer a platform where you can learn from other entrepreneurs. Our community is full of bootstrapped and funded companies who probably have the same struggles as you. So why not share knowledge and information to improve yourself and your SaaS company.

Who am I


Founder @ SaaScommunity

I started this Community to share knowledge. Meeting entrepreneurs, growing businesses and investment opportunities have always interested me. In my free time I play golf and tennis.

Advertising & Partnerships

Are you interested in advertising on Our readers are entrepreneurs, tech enthousiast and startup- interested from all over the world.

With our community we reach thousands of readers combined with social media and our newsletter. Want to know more?  Please let us know and contact us.

How to reach us

We are always looking to meet new people or learn more about Software-as-a-service companies.

Do you want to create content together or add companies to the SaaS Database please let us know and contact us.

Connect with Us

We are happy to help. If you have any suggestions for blogs, jobs, or companies to add to the SaaS Database please do send a request.

Sponsorship & content collaboration:

We do all kind of collaborations to support the SaaS Community. Want to know more about the following possibilities?
– Sponsored content plans;
– Promotions & backlinks;
– Database information;
– Vacancy options;

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