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techrise.venture team

Revenue-Based Financing – New Kid on the Block

Tech Rise Ventures, how did that start?  Having played a very active role in the Dutch Startup Ecosystem for approx. 10 years, I have seen that Tech startups have two pressing needs; financial capital and human capital. However, there is a ...

Designing a fair SaaS Sales Compensation Plan

Designing a SaaS Sales compensation plan brings a few extra challenges when compared to traditional companies, but in the end it’s not all that hard. Salespeople are a special breed. They like to hunt for new clients and love the thrill of ...

Your SaaS KPI: Churn

Metrics are essential to make the right decisions in SaaS companies. Churn is a new metric of great value to subscription-based SaaS.

5 SEO SaaS Companies

SEO is hard work, but it is necessary if you want to succeed online. Luckily, there are a number of SaaS companies which offer a helping hand in improving your SEO.
startup jobs

Dutch Startup Jobs

Do you aspire a job where no day is the same, where you can make an impact and help a company prosper? These Dutch startup jobs are just the thing for you.
tech jobs in saas

Tech Jobs in SaaS

Not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. And that's great. With these tech jobs in SaaS you too can have a thrilling career in tech.

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