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5 hr tools for your saas company

5 HR Tools for your SaaS Company

One of the most obvious advantages of any SaaS-tool is that “everything is in the cloud”. You don’t need to invest in a huge server park, nor do you need a fancy office building to make things work. Even as an entrepreneur who developed the new ...
Canada SaaS-companies

More than maple syrup: SaaS Companies from Canada

When thinking of Canada, the first things that come to mind are maple syrup, mounties, and of course the magnificent landscape. But Canada is so much more than this. As a matter of fact, Canada has become somewhat of a SaaS-incubator. Let’s have ...

Pitch Decks that made an Impact – Best Practices

Not too long ago, we posted an article containing some tips and tricks to keep in mind when writing a Pitch Deck. We explained what a Pitch Deck is, why you would need one and which items must be included. In this article, we return to the topic ...

Free Alternatives to expensive 3D-Modelling Software

Anyone who works in construction, industrial design or has any other type of job where creativity is a prerequisite has probably experienced it: the struggle of getting your client “get” your idea. Luckily 3D modelling software enables us to ...
how to write a saas pitchdeck

How to write a Pitch Deck

If you are looking to pursuade investors to fund you SaaS-startup, you will need a Pitch Deck. What is a Pitch Deck? What info should be in it? And how do you write a winning Pitch Deck? There are many ways to fund your SaaS Startup-company. We ...

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