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The London SaaS Scene; who to follow

Brexit or no Brexit, entrepreneurs will always seek new opportunities. London still has a vibrant SaaS-scene, with new SaaS companies being founded every month. But which new members of the London SaaS scene are worth following? Let’s have a ...

9 Social Media Marketing SaaS Companies

Have you ever wondered if your company should start doing some social media marketing? Let us be so bold to answer that for you: Yes. You must! Marketers know they need to deliver their message where their target audience is. And social media is ...
12 saas companies from paris

12 SaaS Companies from Paris

The French city of Paris is known worldwide as the City of Romance. But the city is not just about being on cloud nine, it also has a very strong reputation when it comes to cloud services. These 12 SaaS companies from Paris will make you fall ...

Berlin Tech Scene, check out these 6 SaaS Companies

Berlin has long been known as a city divided by “The wall”. “Die Wende”, the political developments in 1989-1990 reunited the cities’ East and West. Soon, the city began to reinvent itself. Berlin has turned into a cosmopolitan city, with a ...

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